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Mountains in Fog

About Our Trips

Project Forty Adventures are outdoor experiences for groups or families to promote engaging relationship growth by leaving technology behind and diving into creation, literally.  These four-day adventures ranging anywhere from a car-camping climbing trip to a full-on backpacking and rappelling adventure are great tools to build the relationships of the participants.  This is another useful tool for parents and youth leaders to creatively challenge students to evaluate daily decisions and provide real support as they venture out into their “unknown.”


Ice climbing is the last great wilderness adventure without climbing into the thin air.  Picture yourself swinging axes into a frozen waterfall and kicking your way to the top.  With professional guides to coach you through every aspect of climbing and camping in the woods, this trip will push you physically, but with every push comes huge rewards–you will talk about this adventure for years to come!

Climbing is one of those activities that you won’t believe it until you try it for yourself.  It takes on a personal challenge that allows the daily stresses of life melt away for a moment and all energy is singular focused on that next move.  Take the drive to Michigan’s local crag, which happens to be in Kentucky where climbers from around the world go to project the steep walls of the Red River Gorge.  No skill required, just the ambition to try something new!


Backpacking… isn’t that just walking with boots on in the woods… for days?  Well, yeah.  It’s simple enough to do, but have you done it?  How about far enough in the woods that you can’t hear car traffic?  Have you been in the woods at night with a headlamp, or threw on a pack adding the weight of your life essentials while you were out in the unknown?  There is great joy to be had in the simple things in life and walking in the woods with your friends is one of them.  Project Forty will help you get lost (then find your car again…eventually).

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